I would like to share my thoughts on many of the issues that are not only important to me and my Gills Creek constituency but to all Franklin County residents.  I am:

  • Highly experienced in governmental and community work (31 years)
  • Skilled in leadership, bringing people together and getting things done
  • Always involved in my community, giving significant time and energy
  • Responsive to the constituencies I represent, early and often

Economic Development

We must grow our local economy through managed growth principles therein honoring our heritage and beauty while making sound economic development decisions to increase sustainable revenue.

  • Promoting a Business-Friendly Franklin County
  • Supporting Local Businesses
  • Promoting Targeted Growth Areas
  • Evaluation of Village Plan for Capital Planning
  • Promoting Workforce Development Initiatives
  • Strategic Focus on Summit View Business Park


The Supervisors are fiduciaries of taxpayer monies.  As such, a thorough review of the budget is required annually.  Supervisors must work to ensure every dollar is spent efficiently and in response to needed services to our residents and businesses. Revenues must be raised through sound economic development initiatives that sustain the County through low growth periods, as well as into the future.  

  • Low Taxes
  • Accountability in How Your Money is Being Spent
  • Conservative Fiscal Management

Public Safety

The Fire and Rescue services of Franklin County possess a dedicated group of volunteers and career firefighters with 19 strategically placed stations.  It is critical that County Administration and the Board of Supervisors remain focused on promoting a Public Safety program that recognizes efficiencies and successful strategy implementation to ensure delivery of these critical services. 

  • Create a Fire and Rescue Commission – Staff & Citizens
  • Ensure Routine Needs Assessments are Performed to Enhance Responsiveness
  • Attention to Succession Planning for Volunteers/Career Positions
  • Ensure Routine Updates to the Capital Improvement Plan


Schools – Our children are our future!  We all have a role in ensuring that our children have opportunities to learn in 21st century classrooms that have curriculums responsive to educational standards and promotion of performance excellence in each and every student.  

  • Enhanced Board of Supervisors/School Board Relationship
  • Routine Joint Work Sessions
  • Focus on Career & Technical Education Project

Shoreline Management Plan (SMP)

As AEP is licensed to facilitate the Shoreline Management through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), it is important that leadership take place on the local level to ensure that residents and business voices are being heard in a constructive and meaningful manner.  There needs to be practicality in the execution of the SMP, keeping our lake properly managed to protect residents’ investments but also not be onerous and overly burdensome to lake property owners. We are all in this together!

  • Create a Task Force to Review the SMP – Citizens & Businesses
  • Supervisor Led Meetings With AEP
  • Establish a Renewed Working Relationship with AEP

Mountain Valley Pipeline

The pipeline is a FERC project.  The pipeline will be advantageous for our businesses however, many property owners have been dis-enfranchised.  There are also future risks to our environment, tributaries and lake waters from such things as sedimentation. We must have a local presence and voice through appropriate channels to leverage long-term solutions where possible.

  • Proactively Work with Partners in the Protection of SML
  • Participate and Advocate Locally Appropriate Oversight Mechanisms with our Partners and Stakeholders

If you have questions, comments or concerns, I encourage you to contact me! Simply fill out this form.

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