About Me

Hello! I’m Lorie Smith, a Franklin County resident with a heart for service. I currently represent the Gills Creek District on the Franklin County Board of Supervisors.

I believe strongly in the tenants of the Republican Creed, namely the importance of free enterprise, fiscal responsibility,  and budgetary restraints. I also believe citizens are entitled to a society free of governmental burden, and that faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers, is essential to the moral fiber of the nation.

I’m a native of Waynesboro, Virginia, and moved to Franklin County in 2011 with my husband, son and daughter.

I’ve been privileged to spend the past three decades working in a variety of public and civic positions to help others and my community, and I enjoy bringing that passion, experience and commitment to the residents of Franklin County.

Prior to joining the Franklin County BOS, I served on Waynesboro’s City Council, School Board (including three years as president), Tourism Board, and Finance Committee. In addition, I was the City Council’s liaison to the Economic Development Authority, as well as the Planning Commission.

I dove into community service organizations and projects shortly after moving to Franklin County, including:

  • Smith Mountain Lake Association (President), a a 1,000+-member volunteer organization that works to protect the lake’s environmental health
  • Smith Mountain Lake Republicans – Proud Patriots (Co-President)
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors (President), a ministry that helps seniors in the Smith Mountain Lake area live in their homes as long as is practical with dignity and independence
  • Smith Mountain Lake Center (Vice President), a non-profit organization working to develop a centrally located, multi-use facility and gathering place for education, entertainment, and community and tourism events
  • Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission (Board Member), the department that represents the four counties that surround Smith Mountain and Leesville lakes in issues relating to navigation markers, aquatic vegetation, debris cleanup and more
  • Take Pride in Smith Mountain Lake (Oversight Committee Member), an annual, community-wide effort for those who use and enjoy Smith Mountain Lake to work together to keep it clean. (That’s me second from the right int the photo below.)
  • Westlake/Hales Ford Planning Advisory Committee (Member), a group that works to implement a County-approved plan for future development in the area

I also served on the board of the Smith Mountain Lake Charity Home Tour and am an active member of Trinity Ecumenical Parish.

I have lived a very blessed life with a loving family, strong church family, and the support of my family, which has allowed me to give back to our community with a high level of time and compassion. I’m proud to work for and represent the citizens of Gills Creek!

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